Friends of the Logan County, Kentucky Genealogical Society

Welcome to the Friends of the Logan County Genealogical Society web page.

On these pages, you'll find information pertaining to all of the records found at the Logan County Archives that have been indexed so far. As a general in-house rule, indexing stops about 1950 or so to protect privacy of those still living. This means there are still records that have not been indexed and it means more than likely there are additional records for some record types. Any records created since that time ARE available at the Archives or from the office where they are kept, and copies can be requested from the respective offices.

Each record type has its own page and group of subpages as needed. The information found on this site will provide you with the details necessary to request record copies or to preplan a visit to our county. To make a request, you will need the record type, the person's name and the case or file number. Send your requests to

You will surely notice some pages appear to be a mess, we are aware of those pages. In an all out effort to get as much as possible on-line in an extremely short amount of time, information was added but not exactly cleaned-up and as neat as we'd like. We ask that you are patient as construction on this site continues.

If you are aware of a collection we have in the Archives, but don't find it shared here, please do not hesitate to ask! It may be that we haven't worked through those records, but it also may be that we have some how forgotten they are stored with us. We are making every effort to share all that we have with our members.

Finally, we ask that you not share this site with others, as it is for those who have a membership to the society. We also ask that you not copy and redistribute the information on this site, as it is under copyright held by the Logan County Genealogical Society. Use of this site implies your acknowledgement of this copyright and your agreement to not redistribute the material.

Happy searching!