Published Genealogies

The publications listed here are available in the reading room at the Archives. All titles listed here are subject to the "one person, per month request" allowed by the Archives rules. If you know exact pages from one of these publications, we are allowed limited copies from them as they are all under copyright.


Addison, Descendants of William

Allen, Our Ancestors

Anderson Family; Whitehaven: Early Years


Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher

BAGBY, Grace, Olmstead, KY, Memory Book

Banton, Wm. & James K. Polk Banton

Barham, Family of

Barnett Source

Barr, John Kendig Ancestors & Descendants

Barron & Hall

Baylor Genealogy

Baylors of New Market

Baugh Station: A History of the Ancestors and Descendants of Earl Kennerly Baugh and Lelia Ella Gibbs

Baugh, John & Elizabeth Taylor by Ivan Baugh

Baugh, Saml. & Eliz. Descendants

Beason Family Genealogy

Bernard, Mary Hardin, Collection

Binkley, Jacob Henderson & Julia (Cagle) descendants

Bircher, Jenna Paulette, Ancestry

Bircher, Jenna Paulette, Ancestry, Supplement

Boone, Daniel

Bonaparte, Napoleon II

Boyd Family, History of & Descendants

Boyd, Daniel & Ruth, Logan Co., KY, Descendants

Briggs-Bridget Family

Brown, All These Kinfolk by N. Brown, Vol. 1

Brown, All These Kinfolk by N. Brown, Vol. 2

Brown, All These Kinfolk by N. Brown, Vol. 3

Buckners of Virginia and The Allied Families of Strother & Ashby

Campbell Family History

Campbell Family, Early, 1700

Campbell Kith & Kin

Campbell, Hartley B., Clues to the Genealogy

Carmack Family Genealogy


Carpenter & Related Families

Carruthers, Francis, & His Frontier Descendants

Carter, Philip Ray, My Life Story

Celsor Family of VA, KY, TN

Celsor Ancestral Material of This & That

Chamberlin & Grant, Vol. 1

Chamberlin & Grant, Vol. 2

Chamberlin & Grant, Vol. 3

Clark, Elder Daniel


Clay, Henry


Coke, James Guthrie, A Biography by Amanda Coke

Collins, Floyd, Trapped! Life of

Colvett Family Chronicles

Conn Family

Cook(e) Book

Cook, Brother Valentine

Cook, Valentine, Rev. Biographical Sketches

Cooksey Chronicles, Samuel's Descendants


Cox, John

Crain Family Genealogy



Darby Family, Genealogy of

Davidson & Related Families

Davis, Jefferson, Beauvoir, Last Home of

Dawson Family Records

deGraffenried, History of the Family From 1191 A.D. to 1925

Dertrick & other Derricks

Donnelly, Thomas Descendants

Doom Families of America

Dorris, A. C., Christian Experience


Duncan Family

Duncan & Williams

Duncan family genealogy, 1750


Fauntleroy, William B.

Finn Genealogy, 1750-1985

Fleming Family, 75 Years of the, Part 1

Fleming Family, 75 Years of the, Part 2

Flowers, James & Theodocia Bagby

Floyd Marriages

Fort, A Family Called

Garnett, John, Gloucester Co., VA, You Must Give Something Back


Gautier & Howard, Notes on

Gautier, D. & Parthenia, Notes on

Gillums, Book of

Goff Family

Gonce & Wynne Genealogy

Greenwell, Some Branches of the Tree

Guyers, Biography of


Hardin, William Jefferson

Harky Marriages

Harp: Born Wolf, Died Wolf

Harrison, Burr of VA, 5 Generations

Hawes, Richard of KY

Helm, Moses

Heltsley Family Supplement

Henderson & Related Families

Henry Family, The


Herndon, William & Sarah (Poe)


Hildabrand Family of KY & OK

Hildabrand, Joseph, Ancestors & Descendants

Hill, Book 1

Hill, Book 2

Hill, Book 3

Hill, Book 4, 1810-1910

Hinchee, Maurice, Descendants of

Hites, George, Libel Lawsuit Against Courier-Journal


Holtzclaw Family, 1540-1935

Hurts of SC to Wayne Co., KY

Hutchins, Robert, of Colonial America

Hutchins, William, of Carolina


Jackson, Andrew & Early TN History

Jackson, Andrew, Life of

James, Frank & Jesse

James, Jesse & Frank, Family History

James, Jesse, Though Dead Lived 65 Years

James, Jesse, Though Officially Dead Lived on for 65 Years

Johnson, Andrew

Jones of Calloway & Marshall Co., KY

Kilgore, Thomas, Sr., 1721-1822, & Desc. to 1991

King Family

Kitchen Family

Lacey, Gillie Wood, Family & Life of


Lewis Family, Genealogy of

Preecher and Patriot: The Journal and Memorandums of the Rev. John Littlejohn A Pioneer Preacher of American Methodism

Locke, Jacob's People

Logan, Benjamin: KY Frontiersman

Lyons Family, The

Lyons, Abraham & Eliza Matilda Sharp

MacLean Family, Story of


Martin, Charles Caffery

Matzinger, Hans Jacob, Descendants

McCarley Memories

McCormacks of Smith County, Tennessee

McCornack, Andrew of Knox Co., IL

McCutchens "First Family"

McCutchen Meadows, Family Story by Bill Coke

McIntosh, Anna Forrest Pearson

McIntosh, Clan

McInturffs, Supplement

McLean Family

McTeer, F. of Cumberland Co., PA

Millard, Kentucky Saddlebred Heritage

Miller, Family History of Eula M.

Miller Family History, Vol. 1 & 2

Miller, Solomon S., 1828-1981

Mimms, Gaines M., Ancestral Tree of, 2006

Moore, Josiah, of Hunterdon Co., NJ

Morehead, Charles & Mary (Turner), Descendants

Morgan and related families

Morton Family Data, 1908

Morton, Family Record, Webster Co., WV

Motsinger, Helen Sugg, A Tribute to

Mott Street

Nathman Family History

Nation & Bryant Family History

Neal, Edward of Pilot Knob, Logan Co., KY

New, The Family of

Nortons, The"

Norwood, Francis, Immigrant to MS, 1635

O'Bannon, Presley, Valiant Virginian, Story

Orndorff, Grand High Past Priest

Orndorfs of Orndorf Place; Family History 1741-1988

Overpeck, Adam and Elizabeth Mann

Page, Robert & Rachel, Genealogy, 1750-182


Pennington, Ed. A., Life, Flight, Capture, Trial &

Perry Portraits

Peterson, Garrett & Nancy Smock

Phelps, The Phelps of Lawson's Bottom

Porters of Fishing Creek

Price, John & Jane Pugh, Descendants

Price, John & Wmson, Hannah

Puntney Family, History of

Raby, Helen, Story of My Heart

Raulston & Russell Genealogy

Render & Their Relatives

Richards-Cox & Barbee-Alexander Families


Rohrer Families

Ross, Family

Ross, Reuben, Elder, Life & Times of

Rupp, Adolph: Beyond the Baron

Rush, Benjamin

Russell & Markham Families

Russell, William Descendants

Salle', Abraham, Family History of French Huguenot

Sanders/Fortner Family

Scott, William, 1792-1800, Cabarrus Co. NC

Scruggs, Henry, Port Families, History of

Shepherd Family


Shultz, Matthias & Descendants


Slaughter Family, The

Sloan, Finding My Ancestors

Smith & Browne Family

Smith, David, Life & Times of

Smith, From the Hills & Hollows

Smith, On the Waters of Hope

Smith, Presley, Some Descendants of

Spear, Spier, Speer & Friends

Spencer, J. H., Revolutionary

Spillman of Lawrence Co., KY

Starling of the White House

Steenbergen Family


Stewart Family, Halifax Co., VA, Trigg Co., KY

Stewart of Halifax Co., VA, Trigg Co., KY

Stovall, Barth. & Baldwin, William, Descendants

Stowers Family History in Western KY

Tannahill, General History of

Thomas Genealogy

Thomas, James

Thompson, Thomas

Thornberry Cemetery

Thornberry Family Album

Tinsley, Mayflower to Kentucky

Tinsley, Isaac J., Mayflower to Barren Co., Kentucky

Todd, A. M., History of the

Todd, Benjamin & Eleanor Ford, Descendants of

Trabue, Family in America

Vick, Joseph of Isle of Wight Co., VA, Descendants

Vick, Joseph Vo. 1

Volner Family

Von Graffenreid

Ward, Lucien, Gone but not Forgotten

Warden, Philip and Rachel

Warden, Robert Martin

Washington Through the Stereoscope

Washington, Emily Frances, & Waller Lewis

Washington, Geo., Last Will; Property

Weakley, Salt of the Earth

Weathers family of Todd Co., KY

Welch, Osias of Muhlenberg Co., KY

Wells, Berry, Esquire

White Family

White & Alfaro Family

Whitescarver, Viscarber, et al

Whitlocks of Greasy Creek, Vol. 1 & 2

Whitsett: Annals of Scotch Irish Family

Wigfield & Nelson of Fauquier Co., VA

Wilkins Family

Willcutt Family

Winters, Historical Sketches

Wood & Allied Families

Wrights, 400 years +