The County Deeds are the entries made into the official books of the county. These entries include deeds, power of attorney, bill of sale, agreements, and contracts.

The Loose Deeds are original records discovered in the Archives. These are the original contracts between grantor and grantee for the sale/purchase of a tract of land. These records also include power of attorney, agreements, contracts, and bills of sale. It is unusual that these records exist since they were most often claimed by the person benefitting from the purchase or who was made a representative for someone else.

The Surveys are just that, surveys of land being purchased. This was most often the first step in obtaining a land grant from the Commonwealth.

The Walker Line Land Warrants records the sale of land lying between the current Kentucky-Tennessee state line and the 36 30 parallel. Possession of this area was disputed between Virginia and North Carolina, and then Kentucky and Tennessee, until 1820 when Tennessee representatives offered to Kentucky representatives that the Commonwealth could sell the land and keep the money if Tennessee got to keep the land. Each bordering county should have a collection of these survey books.